Mighty Construction Mode

Mighty Construction Mode

Stadia/EGS Name: Mightykho
Contributors: Iceland, NK
Package Name: Mighty Construction Mode
Package Description: This package allows you to activate an RTS-like camera mode and place persistent structures while in it. It will be a perfect foundation for a strategy or a tycoon game.
Share link: https://launch.crayta.com/play/f4z5pe4j


  1. Create a new template with a locator in it and add mcm_constructionScript to this locator
  2. Specify the construction duration and different templates used for the building on different construction stages.
  3. Drag and drop “ExampleConstructionArea” into your game
  4. Add a mcm_availableStructureScript to “AvailableStructures”
  5. Configure it to be using the template that was created on the step 1 and specify desired size, icon, name and identifier
  6. To assign an area to a user call mcm_constructionAreaScript:Setup(user) during the game.


Please note that at this point Mighty Construction Mode Is lacking in configuration options and mostly to be used as a foundation for the game.