Mighty Crowd

Mighty Crowd

Mighty Crowd is the package that derives from amazing Nomaki’s package “Stadium stands with crowd” and allows creators to define areas for the crowd to be spawned in.


  1. Drop CrowdGenerator template somewhere in your world.

  2. Make sure position and rotation are set to 0.

  3. Define the areas for your crowd to generate in by spawning instances of CrowdTriggerTemplate and adjusting their trigger size to your liking.

    Note: If your want a particular crowd area to be rotated or positioned on an animated platform you can check a “dynamic” checkbox in the crowd trigger properties. That way the voxels in this area will be facing at the right angle or will be moved with the trigger during animation.

Additional Configuration

  • animationVariety defines the randomness of the animation of the crowd.
  • density defines the density (the chance of empty space) to appear between people.
  • spacing defines the minimum spacing between people.

You can also customise the voxels that are used to generate the crowd.

Team Outfit Configuration

CrowdTrigger template allows you to define a team/trigger specific outfit and control the chance of it being used over common crowd voxels by adjusting teamOutfitChance property on the CrowdTrigger.