Mighty Defense System

Mighty Defense System

Stadia/EGS Name: Mightykho
Contributors: Iceland, NK
Package Name: Mighty Defense System
Package Description: This package allows you to create modular automated turrets for your base defense.

This package is highly configurable and although right now it only contains one turret you can use components from this package to assemble something completely different without writing a single line of code.


A good way to start would be to use LargeTurretExample template.


OriginLocator: Locator used for the turret aiming
StartActive: If the turret should should start active straight away, otherwise wait for the mds_turrentMainScript:Activate() call.
ActivationSound: Sound that played when mds_turrentMainScript:Activate() called
DeactivationSound: Sound that played when mds_turrentMainScript:Deactivate() called
DestroySound: Sound that played when mds_turrentMainScript:Destroy() called
DestroyEffect: Effect that played when mds_turrentMainScript:Destroy() called
Collider: Collider mesh that is responsible for collisions and damage done to the turret


FiringPitchAngle/FiringYawAngle: turret will only fire if the target is within provided angle range,
MinRange-MaxRange: turret will only target entities within this range.
TargetPlayers: allow the turret to target players
UseTeams: enable team targetting
Team: target any entity with a different team value


Creates a socket connection between the entity it is attached to and a turrets main entity.
The connected entity will try to face the target respecting the axes constraint specified.
You can also configure the rotation speed.


muzzle: Locator entity that contains on the muzzle locators for the gun (When firing the muzzles will be alternated and animated if they contain any visible mesh in them)
limitAmmo: Allows to specify an ammo capacity of the turret and the event that will be fired when turret runs out of ammo (For example you might want to decide to destroy the turret when it runs out of ammo)
clipSize: Allows to specify how ofter the turret should reload
burst: How many shots will be fired every time turret tries to fire at a target
spread: Controls the accuracy of the shots
range: Max range of the turret gun

damage: The amount of damage turret does with each hit
damageRadius: Blast radius of the turret hit

shotDelay: Delay between firing attempts
burstDelay: Delay between each shot in the burst firing (When set to zero the whole burst is delivered at once)
reloadDelay: The amount of time turret takes to reload the gun



This is amazing brother, so many possibilities!