Mighty Digger

Mighty Digger

Who needs a shovel anyways
Crayta 2022-06-13 11-27-07


  1. Add a “UserDriver” template to the User
  2. Add a “DriverLobby” template to your world and hide it somewhere
  3. Name it exactly "DRIVER_LOBBY"
  4. Add a “Digger” template to your world

WIthin Driver template, you can find various configurations for the digger


Hey Mighty! What might be the best way to reset the position of the digger for my rounds based digging game?

Hey! Sorry took me a while to notice this due to the jam. I’m gonna have a look today and give you the answer

Just updated the package. The diggerMain script now has a method Reset() that just basically recreates the collider and the mesh at the original position. I hope that would do.