MiniMap Package

A package that allows for a simple minimap overlay that displays positions of various entities to the users. Any entity you want can be set to show in the mini map with a given colour, shape and size.

This means you can use the package how you need, whether to track player positions, or items in the world.

Demo Game

How to use

The package contains a “MiniMap” template for the overlay that can be dragged onto the user template. Now you need to setup your “world” properties in the “miniMapRadarScript” to let the minimap know how it should display the world.

  • Create a locator in the center of your game world and assign it to worldRotation.
  • Set the worldDimensions.
  • If necessary set a worldRotation to specify the rotation of the world as displayed by the map.

The other properties can be used to customise the appearance of the minimap as required.

Now its as simple as attaching a “miniMapIndicator” script to which ever entities you would like to appear in the minimap! This script contains settings such as dimensions, shape and colour that allow you to specify the appearance of the entities indicator in the map.

Future features ideas:

  • Image background.
  • Image indicators.
  • Rotating indicators to depict direction entity is facing.
  • Relative mini map.
  • Different indicators for entities at different heights.

Known Bugs:


Very nice! How could I make it show the player as the world center instead of the locator?

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