Minor adjustments to make the game look familiar (and better)

This is my opinion.
Here’s a list of things that should be changed:

  1. Shift the camera a little farther away in the Main Hub, and don’t fix it to the left/right
  2. Too much music happening in the background while navigating the menu, the music doesn’t match the feel of the game
  3. Add the ability to change the size of the object selection window while in the basic mode
  4. More subtypes within meshes to easily distinguish and find things, (according to themes the objects are based on)
  5. A coming soon page to let users know about future features and prompts that show what new things are going to be added in future updates while in the creator mode
  6. Normal and decent looking hairstyles while first creating a character. Not too funky.

I know this may sound haughty, but I want this game to improve too, and these suggestions are just what I honestly felt when I played the game.