Missing info in the API

The API mentions additional args for
world:ForEachUser(callback, args) but doesn’t mention what args is.

The sockets for
aren’t mentioned anywhere outside the discord server too.

entity:Clone() should mention that it clones the entity with its scripts, but it doesn’t copy the properties.

Attaching an entity from one parent to another parent will keep its relative position (not it’s absolute position, unless Detach() is used), I’d suggest this as a note for AttachTo().

entity:Get-/Set(Angular)Velocity(…) doesn’t work for player entities, so this might be worth a note too.
Edit.: GetVelocity() seems to be fixed :+1:

Launch doesn’t work for the player ragdoll too, depending on if this is intended behavior or not, it might be worth a note too.

CallFunction is mentioned twice, once in Widgets another time in WidgetBindings.

user:ProjectPositionToScreen(Vector worldLocation) doesn’t mention that it is not working on the server, so it’s either a bug or the description is wrong.

There are also a couple of functions that are mentioned but have no description.