Mobile buggy controls

This bug is due to some gameplay issues.

  1. It’s a bit slow & buggy.

  2. Without a controller, the touch within the move around button is buggy & wants to
    stay going a certain direction even after not touching it.

  3. Looking around is buggy could be timed up a bit quicker but no too much

more details are below after the feedback


Game is great! It has lots of potential, could use some fixes. Possibly could run off of it’s own application since I can play it on Android from the Facebook app itself if that was intentional to do since I accidentally stubbled across this game.

Device: Android

Input: Touch from Android device

Crayta username: Ascension

Found in: Every little universe

How regularly do you see this? Everytime I load into the game.

Time + date seen: 9:30 EST 11/6/2022

Version number: Latest version (just started playing, would love to play it more)