(mochi) Multiverse Switcher Package

Stadia/EGS Name: mochi
Package Name: (mochi) Multiverse Switcher Package
Package Description: The multiverse switcher package allows you to easily switch from one multiverse (or world representation) to another. All you need to do is build out the worlds on top of each other and tag all the entities with their respective worlds, then you add some multiverse gates along with what world they should be sent to. When players trigger a gate, the view will change only for that player.

Share link: https://launch.crayta.com/play/eefq5y4b

Installation instructions

  1. Go to the community tab and look for (mochi) Multiverse Switcher Package and install
  2. Drag the MultiverseOrchestrator template locator somewhere in your map (or drag the MultiverseOrchestratorScripts script template on to an existing global scripts locator)
  3. Drag the MultiverseTraveller script template on to the player template
  4. Set up is done!
  5. To tag an entity and its children to a certain multiverse, drag the MultiverseObjectScripts template on to the root entity you wish to link to a multiverse and modifying the Universe Name property to what you want.

note: You can tag an entity to multiple multiverses by dragging several copies of the MultiverseObjectScripts on to the entity - make sure to use the template and do not just add another copy of the script otherwise it will not automatically work.

note: If a child is a multiverse object, the child’s settings will override the parent’s

  1. To send a player between multiverses, drag a MultiverseGateTrigger template on to the map and set the Multiverse Name property to the appropriate one. By default the trigger is set to send them to the appropriate multiverse on trigger enter, but you can change it to interact, the function to be called is SendToMultiverse

note: I recommend using the Smooth World Settings V2 package by Mightykho along with the multiverse gates for a better multiverse transition experience.

Three screenshots of the same location in three different multiverses as shown by the demo game.

note: The normal furniture / spooky furniture set is available as a sample package under (mochi) Spooky Mansion Multiverse Kit

If you have any questions, please ping @mochi in the Crayta discord.