Welcome to the Monster Maker 2K machine!

This machine will turn players into 10 unique crazy characters and creatures! It’s the perfect add-on to any Halloween party!

Made by Czinczar(code) and Lakwaai(art) for the science fair build jam.

Installation is easy:

Find and install the MonsterMaker2K package from the community tab and simply drag the MonsterMaker2K template anywhere into your world:

Then walk to the machine, interact with it and enjoy!

By default, the interaction distance is a bit too high. If you want to change this, go to the player template and reduce it from 1000 to 300 which is a good number;

The package comes with 10 ready made costumes that represent characters and creatures and these are made of a mix of shapes and meshes. You could even modify the costumes to your liking and make your own! To achieve this, drag any costume into the world and start to modify the shapes and meshes!:

Don’t hesitate to post here if you have comments ,questions or suggestions!


amazing, I am using it modifying it a bit and it has surprisingly effective and easy to understand code

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Thanks. I like my code to be clean and I usually type my comments before starting to really code.
Also, something I forgot to add here is that you can put as many cameras you want inside the “Random Cameras” locator and the cameras will be chosen randomly. That is if you want to make your own camera angles.

thanks for the info, although I have really modified it a lot, I have made an object that you can use from the inventory to temporarily transform yourself, the truth is that it works very well. I was very surprised by the way it inserts and deletes data in the user without the need for a script in the user template. although I am really a very novice coder, but I can understand your code quite well