More sound "primitives"

Hi, I’d appreciate some more sounds similar to the accordion ones. But instead of a single octave, it should be 4-5 octaves (maybe group each instruments notes to don’t flood the sound assets tab).


Hi, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
4-5 octaves of sampled instruments can quickly turn into a pretty big task, especially if each sample has long/short/quiet/loud versions. So I suspect that might take a while to get to.
However I’m planning on adding some more instrument samples to future releases, and will try and get more than 1 octave in, which hopefully will be coming soon :slight_smile:
Do you have any particular instrument requests btw?

Hmm, another option would be to add a high and a low octave, so i could cover a couple more octaves by varying the pitch. Or add only one octave and allow pitch ranges that go beyond 4/8 pitch and below .5 pitch. I think the best would be adding a high and low octave and increasing the possible pitch range.

I didn’t think about the instruments, but a great idea would be to make one octave of looped constant sounds (instead of a a short and long version). I can’t really explain well on english, but with constant sound i mean some sort of non-natural instrument that i could loop without noticing when the first repeat ends and the second repeat starts.

Edt.: I think the word i was searching is “pure tone”.

“Pure tone” perhaps like a sine wave or similar makes sense and I get what you mean about having low and high pitches to achieve a wider possible pitch range too.
Will see what we can do :slight_smile:

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I came here to make the same request as Ya_shi_shi.
This would be a great enhancement. If we could have some basic sounds and some beats (like a bass, a kick and a clap) we could make our own music for in our games.

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Oh, it would also be cool if we could change the pitch of a sound that is played via entity:PlaySound2D(…) for stuff like playing this music locally.