More voxel types and color options

This request is for more voxel types and, more importantly, more color options for those voxel types. The voxel library is always expanding with more types being added in every update. Many have color options, however, this request suggests that there should be many more color options. This could either involve all voxel types having a number of colors to choose from, or giving a color wheel, so you can select a voxel type, and then select the exact color / hue / saturation / contrast values that you want for it.

Note this feature request was originally added at our July Stadia launch - there’s been many more voxels and color options added since then.

Votes on original board: 10

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What if a custom voxel creator could be added, to where you choose a material and color then you save that voxel to your list which transfers to other games you are working on, and as time goes on more and more materials are added.