Morse Code - sound package

Morse Code - by TheShamanKing

Message me on discord - Chestionar Online#1524 - for any questions, feedback or ideas

This package lets you easily translate any phrase into Morse Code sound.


  • MorseCodeTemplate

You need to call the function ‘PlayCode()’ to activate it. (see MorseCodeRadioTemplate)

  • code: Phrase to translate into Morse Code (works with letters and numbers)
  • wordsPerMinute: Determines the speed of the code
  • pitch: Specify the pitch in Hz
  • interactMsg: Prompt message for interaction (Play Morse Code)
Function to call to activate effect:
  • ‘PlayCode()’

  • MorseCodeRadioTemplate

Same as previous, but with interactable radio included.


MorseCodeTemplate does not have 3D Sound or Range enabled by defaut.

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it’s a fairly interesting use of the existing sound in crayta. adjusting the pitch does work. For variable speeds, it may not work as well.

many people start to learn morse code at 5 words per minute and then upwards. 20 was my best on a straight key but i could copy at 35 wpm and send on an electronic key. my side tone is typically set to 500Hz on my radios.

i could see this package used in like escape rooms or some type of puzzle where players have to decode looking at a morse code key next to the audio being played.

Cool, thanks for the feedback! I updated it so you can now specify the WPM and a specific pitch.

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sounds awesome at 500Hz!