Mouse does not re-capture correctly if you alt tab out of the game and back in

  1. Have a computer with 2 or more screens, (found using 2 screens)
  2. Open a webpage on your none Crayta screen
  3. Be in Crayta with mouse and keyboard
  4. Alt tab from the game to give the webpage focus,
  5. Click back onto Crayta,
  6. Notice you can move your character but the mouse will move the mouse cursor instead of rotating the character
  7. Alt tab back to the webpage
  8. Click on Crayta
  9. The mouse will now be captured correctly

This may be a dupe of Unable to move: mouse stuck in pointer mode

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I just replied to that one! :smile:

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I can confirm pressing alt will fix the issue, Maybe needs a little prompt to suggest to people this is a mode you are in and not a bug?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yep, had the same issue in “super doom wall” and was COMPLETELY lost…