Mouse loses focus and have to restart crayta

I’m not sure this is a bug but, in order to look at the tab for the tutorials, I have to hold esc button to force minimize the advanced editor tab, then when I read the tutes and want to enter code, I need to go back and maximize to get the advanced editor going, I get mouse is not captured by game.

At this point, I cant save my work and I have to quit out -

This is a currently known Stadia-wide bug that they’re sorting out - However when you have focus on the window, your keyboard still works, so you should be able to Ctrl+S to save your work before having to close the tab and open a new one (refreshing doesn’t work)

yes thanks so much!
I found this out too. I almost deleted my post here but instead maybe if someone else has the issue
we can all go here and help report: