Movable cameras the player can see through

Hi, was thinking that a lot of games could benefit from this. So on the tutorials for riding a train there is a guide for looking through a camera in the world. This is a static camera that the player can’t move. If we had the functionality to move the camera it could keep the player in one place but allow full rotation.

I’m thinking of stuff like being in a rollercoaster and being able to look everywhere, riding a tank and being protected until you get out. A CCTV system where you could react based on where the enemy are. I’m sure there could be an hundred more applications for this

(As additional extras I’d like being able to rotate through different cameras in the game and gun turrets the player could control through the movable cameras but one thing at a time :grinning:)

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Love this idea, it would be possible to have a camera that the player could rotate with the left/right/up/down controls. Could constrain the maximum angles as well, so it could be CCTV for example, and only rotate through, say, a 60 degree angle. I’ll make a note to look into this at some point if nobody else makes it before me!

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