Moving a voxel mesh on interacting with a mesh

Hi all,

I’m making a secret door, that is supposed to open when you interact with a different object. I created a voxel mesh to look like a wall and attached the rotateandmove script. But that script starts immediately. What I want is to initialize it from touching an object.
Could anyone guide me a little in how to go about this?


Oh yeah, it also needs to stop after it opened. It will close with a trigger on the other end.

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Ok, if anyone else needs this, from packages install the move script and add it to the secret door (or whatever mesh you want moved). Then on the other object, go to interact and select the secret door, it will automatically select the move script. Now tell it what to do, in my case StartMove(StartDelay).

Now to figure out how to close it again :wink:

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I added another edited instance of the move script (that closes it) to the secret door and placed a trigger right behind the secret door. Now when you exit the trigger, the secret door closes. Works like a charm

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