Moving Voxels, is it possible?

Is there a way to get voxels to move on there own? Or to follow a path?

If so could Could I be pointed in the right direction. Thank you :smile:


Docs for Voxel Meshs includes modifications of the Mesh, so I’d say yes.


Hey thanks for the reply!

I’ve looked through most of the ones i thought would be obvious but i didn’t see anything. I’m going to keep looking!

Hopefully someone could point me to a pin point location :grin: but no rush i’m sure the team have more important things to worry about right now!

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The docs really need the ability to direct link to sub categories. This is not good for sharing important information. The advanced tutorials are able to be shared a bit more specific. On the api docs page you can just share the overview it seems.

I would prefer a more common api docs approach like: or

Based on the API you’re able to set single voxels and a collection of voxels using simple calls. (SetVoxel / SetVoxelBox) You can also use physics to apply force like impulse to make them move.

Are you just asking or do you have something more specific in mind?

EDIT: But I’m sure someone from the team can give a more clear answer here. But those two functions seem to be promising for playing around if you want to alter a VoxelMesh by code.

EDIT2: You could also create a template (similar to unity prefabs) and move that around instead of altering voxels inside a Mesh. But I guess is more related to what you actually want to achieve.


Hey Raph – I noticed in this tutorial they mentioned a “RotateAndMove Package” and later show the settings for the script (things like time, pause, rotationEnd, movementEnd, and bounce). So a package like that should handle simple use cases and, given their packages are made in-game, there are likely a bunch of APIs to help build more complex movement scripts. I vaguely remember them showing the camera moving along a path in their “How we made our trailer in Crayta” video so that also might be worth checking out.


Thank you all for your help i’m going to have a play around!!

How soon before someone renders a holographic Doom or Tetris by setting Voxels in an area as a “display”?

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So if you look at this video posted by Crayta, they have an “animated meat baby” that was made during one of their stream sessions. I think that’s doing what you were asking about. Other people have already mentioned it, but reading through the API’s, there’s information about grouping voxels, making voxel meshes, and being able to move and animate things.

I know that ever since I heard NPC’s weren’t going to be there at launch, I immediately started thinking about how to make voxel NPC’s to fill the void. It sounds perfectly feasible, but it’ll take a decent amount of scripting


The animated Meat Baby is indeed the first thing that comes to mind. I believe it’s made up of several Voxel Meshes which are each animated using simple scripts. I haven’t really had a chance to look at the API documentation though.

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Hey all thank you so much for your help I’ve figured it out with the help from you all. I appreciate it!!

The rotate and move package worked perfectly. I was being silly thinking it not only made it move but would also rotate but you can do both!

Can’t wait for this game to release. The API is great!!