Multi Buff Activatable Inventory Item ( Build Jam - 'Science Fair')

Project Name: Multi Buff Activatable Inventory Item

Author. Vicentek

showcase: Crayta

Description: Our scientists in the research and development department have gone completely crazy, it has developed the definite tool to keep the morale of our troops high. The new buff-O-matic 3000 now : " Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger … Invincible!"
This package is intended to be a tool that allows you to easily configure an item that, when selected in the inventory, allows you to apply buffs to the player either passively or by activating them by a button. It has 4 buffs, jump, speed, healing / regeneration and invincibility.

Package content

Package content:

You’ll find 6 templates:

  • MultiBuffController_Player: Script folder containing player settings

  • MultiBuffController_Player Health: A modified version of the “Health” crayta package that expands the options.

  • MultiBuff_Sci-Fi Medikit: Working example of an item with a unique healing effect that can be activated by having it selected in the inventory.

*** MultiBuff_Sci-Fi Injector:** working example of item with multi buff activatable when having it selected in the inventory

*** MultiBuff_Sci-Fi Speed and jump booster drone:** Working example of item with persistent buff when having it selected in the inventory

*** MultiBuff_Sci-Fi booster drone OFF(for pickup):** The pickupable powered off version of the drone

Previous requirements

Previous requirements:
You need to have these packages previously installed to use all the functionalities
-Inventory (default package by Crayta) - Required
-Prompts (default package by Crayta) - Optional
-Notifications (default package by Crayta) - Optional

Installing the package

Installing the package:

You can find the package by searching for it in the community tab with the name “Multi Buff Activable Inventory Item”.

1- Add the "MultiBuffController_Player”: folder to the player template.

2- Add the "MultiBuffController_Player Health”: folder to the player template .(this folder should replace crayta’s default health pack, if installed previously)

3 - Call the “SetHeldItem” function in the “onHeldItem” event of the “playerInventoryViewScript”

4- Add the “MultiBuffItemScript” to the inventory item template you want or use an included template.

The example templates contained in the package are prepared both to put it in the default objects of the inventory and to drag and drop in the world and be picked up by the player.

Item configuration


1 - item properties: It allows us to configure the options of how we want our item to be displayed in the inventory, as well as deciding whether it is eliminated when used or not.

2 - Buffs: It allows us to choose between 4 Buffs: Jump, haste, healing or invincibility. Just as if we want the buff to be permanent when having the object equipped or activated by a configurable button:

In the case of being activated by button, the script will take the duration time of the longest buff as cooldown time
In case the object is persistent, the healing will behave as an increase in health per second.

3 . Sound & FX: It allows us to choose the sound / effect asset

  1. Prompt & Notifications: Prompt and configurable notifications for the different events

  2. Character animation on Use: allows you to configure a small animation sequence of the player, choosing two grips and their respective actions. Ranged weapon grips respond to Reload or Fire actions, melee weapon grips respond to melee action (Not respecting this could cause strange animations).

I hope the package is useful to you. any doubt consult me without any problem here or on the discord.