Multi-World Tycoon Package Version

This is a packaged version of the Multi-World Tycoon Blueprint - Multi-World Tycoon Blueprint

This package is for people who wish to update their existing tycoon games with more worlds - if you are creating a new game from scratch then I suggest you use the Multi-World Tycoon Blueprint, as that has examples on how to set up the game. (However there is no reason you can’t use the package if you don’t want to use the blueprint - it just means you will also need to get the other tycoon scripts somehow)

The Mutli-World Tycoon save script is a modified version of the original tycoon save script, it adds support for multiple worlds in tycoon games.

The package version has been modified again to ensure backwards compatibility with existing tycoon games (however if you are using a custom TycoonSaveScript - it will likely not work!). Backwards compatibility means your users will not lose their progress when you upgrade to the new script.

(This has been tested on a fresh tycoon game, as well as existing tycoons made by Sovereign Games and no progress was lost, however there is no guarantee that your game works in the same way)

Install Instructions for existing tycoon games:
Before you start go into preview and make sure you have your old save data (if not, then buy some slots so you can check the migration has worked at the end)

  1. Search for “Multi-World Tycoon” in the community tab on your editor
  2. Click Install
  3. Go to Library and then Packages
  4. Expand the “Multi-World Tycoon” package to see the “tycoonSaveScript”
  5. Go to the User Template
  6. Click on “AutoSave” folder
  7. Remove the existing “tycoonSaveScript” from under the AutoSave folder on the User template
  8. Drag the new “Multi-World Tycoon” “tycoonSaveScript” script to the same location on the AutoSave folder within the User template
  9. Ensure you update the AutoSave event properties with the new script “OnLoad”, “OnSave”, and “Unload” functions
  10. Go into Preview and check if your slots are loading correctly!

Once this is done you can start adding more worlds with or without tycoon areas!

There are a few requirements to ensure no problems when migrating to the new save script;

  1. The original world must remain the “main” world to ensure no savedata is lost - this cannot be changed, even after you have migrated your savedata, your users savedata won’t be changed until they log in, so the original world must always be the first world the user lands in so they can go through the migration also.
    (Once all your users have been migrated to the new savedata structure, you are free to change the main world - however this is your choice when to do so)
  2. When installing the script you will find you end up with 2 scripts called “TycoonSaveScript” - you must use the script from the package (Do not rename/remove the old script until you confirm the migration of savedata is working)

Corrected a problem when old save data would interfere with the new table structure