Multiuser-Multipurpose Door with Lockpick Skill - Build Jam submission

Game : e3qkc64a
Contributors : Daystiny
Package Name : Multiuser-Multipurpose Door with Lockpick Skill
Description : A secret facility needs a reliable door. A secret agent needs a means to break into a secret facility. - This package can make both sides of the lock happy by providing a door trigger that can turn any door into something special, opening at nights or days, opening only for the owner or with a code. The package also comes with a lockpick skill to overcome any lock mechanism if needed and a utility script to determine the time of day.
Category : SCRIPT

Install the package from community tab. Optionally install my Controller-Keyboard package if you want to use the option to secure doors with codes.

Add the doorTrigger template to any already existing door on your map and configure it using the editor.
Select the lockType to determine how the door opens:

  • “open”: never locked
  • “shop”: locked during night
  • “bar”: locked during day
  • “plot”: locked when owner isn’t online (for tycoons)
  • “code”: locked until proper code entered
  • “item”: locked until proper item held, e.g. a key
  • “owner”: locked for everyone but owner (for tycoons)

Set the pickDifficulty to determine how hard it is to lock pick it. The input is in%. 0 or 1 is the easiest, 100 is the hardest. 101 means, the door can’t be lock picked.

If you want to use the time based lock options, add the periodOfDayScript to any entity in your game, e.g. the terrain.


I would really like to use this in my game world “Epic Adventure Island Challenge”. could it work if a player found an item like a key to unlock and open the door? You create extraordinary games. Especially that city game with the meat processor plant. Thank you

Thank you :slight_smile:
I made a keycard based door system in another game. maybe that would be a better solution. Are you on discord for further communication?

Sorry I took so long to reply. I’m a little slow at communicating. I need to get used to visiting the Forum and Discord more regularly. Yes, that keycard door system would be great! I would like to include your system to my game also (EPIC Adventure Island CHALLENGE). I plan on being around more on the Forum and Discord. See you on Discord. Thank you again.

I checked the package again, you can use the package as it is for your original idea with the item to open the door. Set the lock type to item and a new field, “template” will appear. In here select or drag the template of the item you want to be able to open the door with.
I’m also sorry for responding late, the jam and a few other things got me distracted when I read your last reply.

Thank you very much! I am looking forward to using your package. No problem about communicating. I am also sorry for responding late. I working on it. I’m trying to get involved more and will in the future. I get caught up with other aspects of my journey. Thank you again for a wonderful package.