Music Player [Yogarine]

I’m glad to finally release my Music Player for Crayta’s editor.

I’ve been working on this off and on for a while now. I tried to work out a way to create some sort of controls with UI widgets, but unfortunately it’s currently not possible to pull that off in a way that’s polished enough to satisfy me. Instead I’ve created a way to control music playback using the script properties panel.

Shout out to VictoriousNL who independently came up with the same idea at the same time as me, and helped me out with brainstorming. Make sure to check out his JukeBox package, which lets you switch songs with the next/previous buttons (usually the bumper buttons on controller).

How to use:

To use, just drag the Music Player template into your World Tree, and make
sure the simulate property is enabled.

There are two ways to queue songs. By default songs are played from the
currently selected Playlist in the Playlist property. Create your own
playlists by adding instances of the Music Playlist template to the World and
adding songs to the Tracks property.

You can also queue up additional songs in the Queue Property. Music Player
will then play through the Queue first, before returning playback to the

Enable the PLAY property to start playback. The + and - buttons next to
PREV | NEXT can be used to skip and go back through the queue and/or playlist.

If you run into any bugs, make sure to report them here:

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