My First Dungeon - A Newcomers Guide to Building Dungeons

My First Dungeon - A Newcomers Guide to Building Dungeons

Are you ready to start your adventure in the world of Crayta and don’t know where to start? This guide will help you create your first dungeon to explore and traverse alone or with friends.

This guide requires a basic understanding of the Crayta editor, if you are not familiar with the editor and wish to learn more about it, please follow the official tutorial at Crayta Editor: Basic Mode Workflow.

What is included in this package?

Tomb Assets consists of 19 building blocks including traps, do-it-yourself blueprints, dungeon-pieces, spawn room, treasure rooms and throne room.

Demo Showcase

Play Demo

Technical Specifications

Obby Components by @Adam
Door Animation by @sinjin

Floor Trap created by @Mightykho

How to download and install 'My First Dungeon'

  1. To install ‘My First Dungeon’, open the Library and navigate to the Community tab.
  2. Find the Tomb Essentials and select Install.
Where to find the Community tab?

Open the Library by pressing Y on controller or L on keyboard and navigate to the Community tab. If you are using the advanced workflow, you will find the Community tab in the top left corner.

Getting Started

Every time you install a new package, the Package Components are automatically added under the Library tab. To find all components of Tomb Essentials, navigate to Templates and search for tomb

Where to find the Templates tab?

    1. Use the dropdown menu to and select Templates
    1. Optionally, select the Templates-logo to navigate to the Templates tab.

All Components or ‘‘Assets’’ can be found under the Templates tab. To add component to you game

    1. click-and-drag* the component into your editor or onto your terrain.
    1. Optionally, right-click on the component and select Add to Hotbar. When we add components or object to the Hotbar, we can select them later from the Hotbar at the bottom of the screen.

Tip! To get a feel for all components and assets in the Tomb Essentials-package, drag and drop as many components from the Templates bar as you wish and play around, we can always delete these later.

Building Your Dungeon

Before we start building our dungeon, it is important to understand the colour-scheme added to each component building block.

All building blocks include Green markers at the top. These markers are used to indicate which two or more blocks align together. We will leave the Red, Yellow and Blue indicators for later.

    1. Drag two or more components onto the terrain.
    1. Move your camera above the components.
    1. Move the building blocks together until the Green indicators align.

Continue adding more building blocks from the Template tab and don’t forget to try out your dungeon regularly!

Move the building blocks together until the Green indicators align.

If done correctly, the tomb should align together on the inside.

Expanding Your Dungeon

If you followed the designated indicators on each building block, your dungeon should indicate a similar pattern as pictured below.

Forming patterns with the indicators

Building blocks start to form a pattern.

No dungeon is complete without a designated starting point. From the Templates tab, you are able to find special building blocks such as the Spawn and Throne room. Similar to the other building blocks, these bigger blocks include a single Green-indicator to mark where the blocks can align with the rest of your dungeon.

Similar to the other building blocks, bigger blocks include a single Green-indicator.

Tip! Don’t forget to move your StartLocation to a place inside your tomb, to make sure players spawn in the right location.


Adding Traps

Every dungeon needs a challenge, and what better way to add challenges than adding traps! As you might have noticed by now, the Green-indicators are not the only indicators present on each component. Each trap has its own respective indicator, with Blue, Red and Yellow markers.

  • Blue [Trap_Axe] - A dangerous axe that swings when players get close.
  • Red [Trap_Spike_Swing] - Poisoned spikes that sweep even the strongest of players away.
  • Yellow [Trap_Floor_Spikes] - Deadly spikes that trigger everyone that gets too close.

Similar to the building blocks, traps can be lined up based on colour.

    1. Drag a trap of choice onto your terrain.
    1. Move the trap(s) until they align with the right coloured marker. Make sure the traps colour-markers of the traps line up at the same height as the building blocks.

Move the trap(s) until they align with the right coloured marker.

When done correctly, the traps should fit perfectly in your dungeon.

It's Your Turn!

Now we have covered all the basics of My First Dungeon, it’s your turn to show off and start creating and decorating. In the Templates tab you will find components named TOMB_MyDesign_XXX. These components retain the barebone structures and colour-indicators of the building blocks, but it’s up to YOU to decorate them and get your creativity flowing.

These components retain the barebone structures and colour-indicators of the building blocks.


We have covered all aspects of working with Tomb Essentials for you to start building a dungeon. If you run into any problems making your game, make sure to reach out to a @Mentor or @builder on the official Crayta Discord, or leave a comment below.


Smart system ! Amazing art ! Lot of stuff and very very nice doc ! I love it ! <3

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Had a run through the showcase, your building skills are next level iceland

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