Natural Environment Effects

Natural Environment Effects

I’ve put together a collection of natural environment effects that easily blend in with your natural landscapes. This package includes:

Geyser: A randomly exploding geyser with customizable settings for your winterscapes.
Autumn Tree: An autumn tree with a very gentle leaf effect using the new steam effect options.
Fireflies: A bush with active fireflies that you can use as lighting + sound in forests
Mushroom Spores: A cave lighting element - mushroom with glowing spores.
Waterfall: A custom natural flowing waterfall
Mothertree: Cybotanica theme pixie dust emitting Mother Tree.
Tornado: A mini but fierce moving tornado that you can use to naturally launch players without using jumppads that may not fit the scene.
Poison Ivy: A good deterrent to block off specific paths or close off dead ends.

Each of these environment effects use the new customizable steam effect to achieve their cosmetic look.



Oooo I love this whole set of fx! Every forest needs twinkly forest firefly friends! Deploying immediately everywhere!

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