Neon City HQ - Hub - Map

Created By - Sovereign Games

Community Package Name - Neon City Hub - HQ - Map (102 Entities)

Description - This is a mega structure that consists of

  • 7 large Areas

  • over 30 Offices

  • Transport HQ with 3 floors of office space

  • A lower business zone with many offices and floors

  • Huge open spaces between zones

  • Look out windows on the mid levels

  • Finally all the way to the top you have another 3 floors of offices, ready set up for decoration

  • Easy add game modes

  • Also included is the exterior (Outside) Decorations and the Rooftops (Accessible via the top floor)

This Package consist of ONLY 102 ENTITES

Instructions for use

  • Open the community tab
  • Type in the package name Neon City HQ - Hub -Map
  • Install package
  • Drag from templates Tab directly onto the main terrain in the world tree
  • Locator is positioned in the center, placing directly into the tree will position this at 0,0,0

Currently is linked to the X1 package and (Wes Submission) for the Glitch Billboard sign