Neon District - Base Construction Kit

Note: The color of this neon trim can be changed on all buildings in a matter of minutes. Please refer to the :art: Team Trim section below.

Package Information

Stadia/EGS Name: Stadia: Slaying#3222 … Epic Games: Slaying_
Contributors: Myself
Package Name: Neon District - Base Construction Kit
Package Description: The complete Drag and Drop Construction Kit for building your own futuristic Neon District Base.
Share link: This Showcase World is showing off what I have built - And what is possible - With my Build-A-Base creation/Build Jam submission “Neon District - Base Construction Kit”. Crayta

Installation Instructions

  • Install the package “Neon District - Base Construction Kit”.
  • Build-A-Base - Slaying and Build-A-Base - Slaying 2 should automatically install with the original “Neon District - Base Construction Kit” package as dependencies. These dependencies all work together as one cohesive package. Crayta “Rotate And Move” and “Door - Multiplayer” should also be automatically installed as a dependency.
  • From there, all of the templates are drag and drop.
  • Have fun building your Neon District Base.

Getting Started

:arrow_right: Drag and Drop: All templates are ready to go. Simply drag and drop them into the game world to start building your own Neon District Base.

:memo: Efficient Templating: You can either use the “ALL” templates, for example “Roads - ALL” which includes everything: Roads, dividers, intersections, sidewalks, etc. Or you can use the individual templates if you know what you need.

:hammer: 19 Easily Customizable Buildings: Every Building hierarchy has a similar structure for easy navigation and customization.

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  • Inside of each building are the same folders as follows:
  • Decorations: Some buildings have been decorated using Crayta meshes, such as Balcony railing, ladders, or various random “props” such as Chairs, Desks, Bottles, and so on. Every decoration folder is organized in a way where you can easily delete the “props”, but keep the ladders on the outside of the building, for example.
  • Inside: The parent itself is the voxels that make up the inside wall of a building. Included children are usually as follows: Doorway, Floor, lighting, etc. Think of things that are on the inside of the building.
  • Outside: The parent itself is the voxels that make up the outside wall of a building. Included children are usually as follows: Roof Trim, Light Bar, etc… Think of things that are on the outside of the building.
  • Team Trim: Read more about Team Trim below…

:art: Team Trim: Surrounding each building is a trim of bright neon voxels which can be used to denote certain buildings to certain teams.

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  • Every building has a folder (or “Parent Locator”) called “Team Trim”
  • Inside of the Team Trim folder, you will find a “Team Trim Doorway” and a “Team Trim Roof”. Some taller buildings may also have a “Team Trim Mid” (which wraps around the middle of the building).
  • Each building has its own unique Team Trim voxel mesh (eg: Building5_TeamTrim, and so on), meaning that you can change the color of the Team Trim on one Building to Blue, while keeping the original Red Team Trim on another building.
  • Simply choose your desired color of “Neon” voxel in the Crayta Editor, and use the "Fill " tool on each Team Trim voxel mesh for every building as you wish.
  • The simple “Team Trim” functionality that I have designed for each building is perfect if, let’s say, you want to create a Team-Based futuristic city, where some buildings are lit up Blue, and others are lit up Red.
  • However… If you wish to create a game without teams, you can simply recolor all “Team Trim” meshes to the same exact preferred Neon voxel of your choice - Mine’s Red. :slight_smile:

:vertical_traffic_light: Roads & more: Drag and Drop templates for Roads, Road Dividers, Intersections, and Sidewalks.

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You can either choose “Roads - ALL (Everything Below)”, or you can choose individual templates, such as “Road (Long)”, “Sidewalk (Short)”, “Divider (Medium)”, and so on.

What else is included…

  • Working Elevators

  • The "Glass Bridge"

  • Parking Lots

  • Street Lamps

  • Signs

  • Powerlines

  • Climbable Ladders

  • Extender Buildings

  • Templated details (combined Crayta meshes)

An example base created using the Neon Destrict - Base Construction Kit Package


The first update to Neon District is here!

Main updates:

  • Extender Buildings added for all building sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. These can be placed onto any existing buildings in the package to seamlessly increase its height. Each extender is 20 entities (with ladders removed). They are stackable. Roof trim on extenders are now a separate voxel mesh entirely and can be removed.

  • Doors have been added to all buildings (Door - Multiplayer script has been added as a dependency).

  • A new template has been added: ND_Roads - ALL (Everything - Neon) which uses different voxels than the original Roads - ALL (Everything - Regular) template.

Other notes:

  • ND_ Prefix has been added to all Neon District templates.
  • Fixed Team Trim Doorway extruding downwards by one voxel extra on certain buildings.
  • Small detail added on all Elevator buildings to help indicate that they are functional.

The second update to Neon District is here, and the Club building has received a huge makeover (as well as two additional styles).

What’s new to the Club:

  • Business sign on the front
  • Exterior staircase with Rooftop access
  • Rooftop pool & hot tub
  • Neon dance floor
  • Balcony lighting
  • Various aesthetic improvements to interior & exterior

The third and final update (of October) is here and more renovation has taken place (with more renovation and building improvements still to come)!

The Diner has received some changes and moreso resembles a diner now:

  • Added details
  • Interior reconstruction
  • See-through windows
  • Working Door on the Roof escape

There is also a new building - The Office (which was built off of the ND_B_Large_ Storage Facility template), upping the total buildings count in Neon District to 19.