Neutral / Basic skins and outfits

First of all congratulations to the Crayta design team for the latest meshes and skins, they are amazing.

Now my request. Player skins and creator skins (npcs) have certain different needs. The creators often do not have “neutral” skins without extra decoration. I will give the example of one of the last ones, maybe more evident, the dark skeleton with skirt.

The skin itself it is great for players and for some funny games, but you can’t use it in a dark serious game. What about adding also that skin without skirt/decoration? Totally neutral. That way (and with the new socket system too) we would have a base for a npc skeleton related.

This is only an example. Other examples are the werewolf (clothes), the mummy (clothes), the fishman (medals and stuff) or the sharkman, even the corsair skeleton from Cursed Galleons. I had a lot of trouble for “hiding” the blue bandana in the head in my NPC Skeleton Outfit package.

I’m not telling to stop creating cool skins as like we are having, it is great to have skins with personallity but maybe it would be super great to have both for more creating possibilities.

Thanks for reading, aside from my request, the work you are doing is incredible <3

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