Nonlinear Checkpoints


  • The default Time Trial Template forces players to activate checkpoints in a linear pattern (ie: 1, 2, 3).
  • This package allows players to activate checkpoints in any order and finish the race once they’ve
    activated all, or a defined number of, the checkpoints. Optionally you can define a startCheckpoint
    and an endCheckpoint. (Note: Defining an endCheckpoint will override the totalCheckpoints property.
    • That means, if you want a player to hit 10 checkpoints but the 3rd checkpoint they hit is the defined endCheckpoint, the race will end at the 3rd checkpoint.)


  • If using the Time Trial template (recommended), delete the default checkpoints and replace them with the checkpoint template provided in this package
  • Find your User template and replace the raceUserScript with the one provided in this package
  • Add the nonLinearCheckpointScript to your User Template
  • Configure the properties on the Checkpoint Template and the User Template
  • Note: Message properties on the raceUserScript dont seem to populate from the script defaults
    see the KNOWN ISSUES below for a fix.


  • Somewhere along the way I broke the default messages. You’ll need to manually copy and paste the defaults from the comments below to get back to the Time Trial defaults. Sorry bout that.


  • Is called “Nonlinear Checkpoints” -> search for that



  • Sorry I named the new checkpoint template the same as the previous one. It was a mistake. So choose the one linked to the Nonlinear package.
  • I did the same thing with the raceUserScript. Again my bad. As you can see in the image above you need to selsct the lower version of the script.
  • And as you can see, the notification messages don’t transfer over so you’ll need to copy and paste those. If you already deleted the original raceUserScript, I added those messages to the comments in the doc.
  • More / most of the details are included in the package scripts but feel free to hit me up on here or discord for help or have suggestions.
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