NPC generic/idle subtle animations

It would be awesome to get some generic subtle animations to play on NPCs to keep them somewhat engaged without having to use exaggerated movements (and sound enabled emotes) via the current emotes which are much better suited for events and grabbing attention. These would be animations that make things a bit more lively but without drawing attention.

Some examples of idle/generic animations:

  1. Wringing hands
  2. Checking hands for dirt/cuts
  3. Scratching/itching face
  4. Swatting at bugs
  5. Talking quietly
  6. Talking normally, generic gesturing with hands
  7. Nodding/Listening
  8. Looking down at floor, kicking dirt
  9. Thinking/Rubbing Chin
  10. Confused/Scratching head
  11. Stretching
  12. Yawning
  13. Rubbing eyes

Drinking/Eating also :stuck_out_tongue:

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