NPC Sheepdog Game

Herd or lure NPCs into objective areas on the map.

Quick Demo Vid:

The crux of this blueprint is the NPC Sheep. An NPC Sheep will either follow a player (lure), or run away from them (herd). The blueprint includes objective areas. When an NPC enters an objective area points are awarded for players and/or their team depending on the team property on the objective area.

Changing The Game Objective
The blueprint is based on Team Deathmatch, so the team with the highest points wins by default. See the points section for ways to alter how you score points.

You can also make the objective one of the following:
First to kill X number of the other teams NPC(s):
Use gameController / npcSheepGameScript / NpcKill Count Objective to specify the how many NPCs a team needs to kill to win.
Bind gameController / npcSheepGameScript / On NPCKill Count Reached event to gameController / gameScript / EndPlay

First to get X number of NPC(s) to objective:
Add triggerObjectiveScript to any trigger objective (must have NPCSheepTriggerScript and teamScript attached).
Bind objective / NPCSheepTriggerScript / On Npc Entered Trigger to objective / triggerObjectiveScript / Fire.
Specify the number required in triggerObjectiveScript / Count Required.
Bind objective / triggerObjectiveScript / On Objective Complete to gameController / gameScript / EndPlay.
Bind On Objec

NPC Sheep
NPC’s have a npcSheepScript attached which is the behaviour logic for the NPC (available as a package).

NPC Sheep have teamScript attached which means they only respond to their “team”. If you want them to respond to everyone, remove this script, or replace the team with 0.

Objective Areas
Objectives are triggers that fire an event when an NPC enters them.

Points can be configured in gameController / npcSheepGameScript.

NPC herd or NPC lure
You can instantly create a whole new game just by checking oone checkbox. Feel the power of NPC Sheep. Go to NPCSheep template and check npcSheepScript / towards. When it’s checked, NPCs will run towards players that enter their trigger area. When unchecked, they will run away.

Additional Mechanics
Checkout the NPCJumpPad which will launch NPCs into the air.
Also the NPCCrouchTogglePad can make NPCs crouch or stand.

Possible Game Modes
You probably have some amazing ideas, but here’s a few options that might inspire you:

Team infiltration (default): Each team must herd or lure their NPCs into the other teams base. Points are scored for each NPC that reaches their base, as well as NPC kills and player kills.
Collective Intelligence: Herd or lure NPCs from around the map to your own base.
Prisoner Exchange: Each team starts with NPCs in their base. Players must herd or lure NPCs away from their opponents base and back to their own.
NPC Witness Protection: One team has an NPC they must protect. They must herd or lure the NPC to the objective without them dying.
NPC Freeform Payload: There is one NPC and each team is trying to herd or lure it to a different objective.
NPC Gauntlet Golf: Teams must try and get their NPC through a series of obstacles to reach the “hole”.

I’ve tried to limit how much scripting you would need to do, but naturally you’re going to have ideas I haven’t thought of. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. This is a WIP and feedback on the Blueprint, package and documentation is welcome.

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