NPCs (non-player characters)

Crayta should include NPCs (non-player characters) as a feature that game creators can add to their games.

These could be similar in appearance to player’s characters. They can operate on the same Lua API as player characters, which would allow them to walk, look around, and use grips/actions such as firing a weapon. Potential features to add to this system could include pathfinding or dialog trees.

This would be useful in Crayta as NPCs could make game worlds feel more alive and immersive, and help to tell stories within games. They could serve as enemies, allies, shop keepers, quest vendors, information points and more.

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Hi, it 's a very good idea.

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I wanted to add on to this idea.

I don’t think it’s neccessary for NPCs to do anything.

I think the player models as they exist as meshes, that can optionally play any of the animations currently available to a player (emotes, running) through lua would work just as well.

I think I heard murmerings of the difficulty of generic pathfinding and whatnot, and I don’t really think that’s what the communities talking about when they talk about NPCs. I think they really just want a player mesh they can plop down places. Maybe make them dance or wave their arms.

Like when I think about what NPCs do in current games, they do one of three things:

  1. They walk back and forth between 2 points
  2. They stand behind a counter
  3. They converge on the player

None of those cases really require anything more than a mesh. Using the current APIs, we can already move them, rotate them appropriately. We can be resonable for implementing the A* algorithms for path finding.

The only non-mesh related thing really required is the ability to manually trigger an animation.

This feels like one of those features where the community would be appeased by the bare minimum, which can be iterated on over time.

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