NUI - Achievements

Listed as: NUI - Achievements

Adds a flexible and easy-to-use achievements system to your game.


  • Configurable achievements of various types (standard, progress)
  • Choose from preset icons (thanks !) or use your own
  • Configurable Achievement Unlocked UI (toast notification) including duration and screen position
  • Achievement view screen, so players can see their achievement progress
  • Mark achievements as secret so their info isn’t revealed until they are unlocked
  • AchievementUnlockScript allows you to easily add achievement unlocking to basic actions such as interact, collision, triggerEnter and triggerExit


  • Drag the “NUI Achievements” template onto your User
  • Add an “Achievement” script to the “Achievements” script folder for each achievement you want in your game (some examples are included)
  • Use the “UnlockAchievement” API to unlock an achievement via ID, or “IncrementAchievementProgress” to increment a progress-type achievement (see AchievementAPIExample script)


  • Add the “AchievementUnlockScript” to any entity you want to add achievement interaction to
  • Enter the unique ID of the achievement you want to affect
  • Specify which action you want it to activate on (interact, collision, triggerEnter or triggerExit)
  • Select whether you want it to unlock an achievement, or increment the progression
  • Specify whether it can only be used once (e.g. “Interact with 3 buttons”, you wouldn’t want someone to just interact with the same button three times to unlock it)
  • The script also contains two generic functions for unlocking and progressing an achievement for use with custom events


  • UnlockAchievement( achievementID ) - Unlock a paritcular achievement
  • ncrementAchievementProgress( achievementID, amount ) - Increment the progression of a progress-type achievement


  • All preset icons are used from under the CC-BY license
  • Adam for making sure my code isn’t terrible
  • You

Awesome package! Do the game icons still work for this package? The website is broken for me and redirects to an unknown page. Does anyone read Chinese? :smirk:

The in-built icons work fine, yep! There is an option to supply custom icons via the UI image uploader!
What do you mean by the website is broken? ?

Yesterday your url redirected me to a website that barely had any game icons on it (it doesn’t work). Could be just on my end, can you visit that site?

It should take you here!