NUI - Camera Shake

Available as: "NUI - Camera Shake"

Simulates camera shakes with customisable duration and axis-specific intensities


  • Simple set up, easily extendable
  • Options for duration, x and y-axis intensities, and a global intensity modifier
  • Uses different shake methods depending on the camera type currently used


  • Drag the “NUI Camera Shake” template onto your User
  • Call “StartCameraShake” on the User like:
    self:GetEntity():StartCameraShake(3, 5, 2) -- 3 seconds long, intensity 5 horizontally, intensity 2 vertically
  • Stop any camera shakes with user:StopCameraShake()
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If the script is on the User template, try: self:GetEntity():StartCameraShake(3, 5, 2) !