NUI - Overlay

Available as: "NUI Overlay"

Visually overlays the position of tagged entities in-world on to the users screen


  • Simple set up, easily extendable
  • Overlay specific targets on-screen
  • Show entity name and/or distance to target
  • Set different types of overlay (primary waypoint, secondary targets etc)
  • Sticks to the edge of the screen so you can tell where to look to find them


  • Drag the “NUI Overlay” template onto your User
  • Either add an instance of “NUI Overlay Target Example” to the world
  • Or attach the “NUIOverlayTarget” script to any entity you want to display on-screen
  • You can toggle the “show” property on or off at runtime to show/hide the entity from your overlay




New features:

  • Off-screen edge detection - If a waypoint is off-screen, it will stick to the edge closest to its position, so you know where to look to find it (adapted from @Adam 's work on the Hub tutorial system)
  • Overlay types - Set different overlay types to communicate different levels of information (primary objective, secondary waypoints, points of interest etc)
  • Show distance - Toggle showing the distance to the target

If you use the Package as it is, it’s going to throw a lot of nil value errors on line 51

This can be fixed by adding these lines:

if Entity.IsValid(self:GetEntity():GetPlayer()) then	
	local playerPos = self:GetEntity():GetPlayer():GetPosition()

That will get rid of the errors.

Hey Nomaki, it looks like the showDistance property doesn’t work, it makes all the overlay markers disappear if it is set to true