NUI - XP and Levelling

Available as: "NUI XP and Levelling"

Adds an adjustable and easy-to-use XP and levelling system for your game. Levels can be set up how you want, and provides a solid framework for building on to make more customised or powerful XP systems for your game.


  • XP and level tracking system, which saves and loads player progress between sessions
  • XP bar and Level Up UI


  • Different themes / skins to suit your game’s style


  • Drag the “NUI XP and Levelling” template onto your User
  • Add a “LevelConfig” script to the “Level Configs” script folder for each player level you want in your game (some examples are included)


  • Add the “AlterXPScript” to any entity you want to add XP interaction to

  • Specify which action you want it to activate on (interact, collision, triggerEnter or triggerExit)

  • Specify how much XP you want this to give

  • Specify whether it can only be used once (e.g. “Interact with 3 buttons”, you wouldn’t want someone to just interact with the same button three times to unlock it)

  • The script also contains two generic functions for adding and removing XP for use with custom events


  • AddXP( amount ) - Add XP to the User
  • RemoveXP( amount ) - Remove XP to the User (must tick “enableXPLoss”)
  • SetXP( amount ) - Set the User’s XP to a defined amount

Amazing package! Deserves to be more popular.

Instead of using the “Level Config” I think most users would benefit if you added endless progression with different algorithms, like Exponential Progression. For my game I implemented a basic Arithmetic Progression.