Obby Ball

I made a little ball game with two teams. Kick the ball into the opponent’s goal. But be careful: there are rotating hammers that try to prevent this.

I haven’t done a lot on the UI yet … it’s Pre-Alpha



  • New challenges added
  • The running speed has been reduced
  • Fixed the possibility of the ball getting stuck
  • The respawn time has been reduced
  • If you are thirsty: there is now a “Power Up Milkshake” that gives you a speed boost for a few seconds (is also a challenge!)

Obby Ball - Update

  • New camera perspective: from top down to free orbit camera
  • Added new lighting
  • Added new effects to hammers
  • New ball
  • New sounds and music
  • Added loading screen (active as soon as approved)
  • Bug fixes

Small Update

  • The hammers no longer kill the players, they only knock them out for 3 seconds, then the player stands up again
  • Made lighting brighter and friendlier
  • Fixed a bug in the results screen
  • Adjustments to the ball spawn