Obby Verse

Itch: https://craytaslaying.itch.io/obby-verse


Obby Verse v 1.1

  • Added the despawn effect to course deaths
  • Alternative pathing added to all 15 courses for more complex speed running combinations
  • Better checkpoint placement so you’ll always spawn on something
  • Additional checkpoints in the later courses
  • Updated course end portals with icons to show where they lead too
  • Updated course end celebration with confetti
  • Slight UI changes regarding window transparencies, bold font, and font family
  • Reduced pricing of special trails in half
  • Doubled the value of cash pickups at ‘Home’
  • Fixed issue with viewer lanes starting courses
  • Course #10 is now not nearly impossible to beat
  • Selfie area added to the end of Course #15