Objective Score Package

A single script that checks each player’s score once per second and fires an event if the objective score has been reached. Can be used to end a round once a player reaches X number of kills.

Note: This package is designed to work with the template gun games and relies on the default scoreScript to check the “score” property.


  • Install the Objective Score package from the community tab.
  • Add the objectiveScoreScript to your User template.
  • Set the objective score property.
  • Set the event(s) you’d like to fire when the objective score is reached. To use this as a way to end a round in one of the template gun games, see the configuration image below.

And for those interested in the code, here it is:

local ObjectiveScoreScript = {}

ObjectiveScoreScript.Properties = {
	{ name = "objectiveScore", type = "number",},
	{ name = "onObjectiveScore", type = "event", },

function ObjectiveScoreScript:Init()
	self:Schedule( function()
		while true do
			if self:GetEntity():FindScriptProperty("score") >= self.properties.objectiveScore then

return ObjectiveScoreScript
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