Objective Trigger

This is a package that gives you a trigger that provides properties for triggering the completion of objectives.


  1. Search for Objective Trigger
  2. Install the package
  3. Add an ObjectiveTriggerTemplate template into the world

The properties allow you to configure the parameters that determine the completion of an objective once a player enters the trigger area.

Main Properties

  • checkForItem - objective complete if a player enters with a specified item in their inventory (a key etc)
  • checkForUser - objective complete if a specific user enters the trigger
  • checkForTeam - objective complete if a specific team enters the trigger
  • objectiveComplete - used to control what happens on completion of the objective
  • logic - do all of the checks need to be true or can just one of them be true to trigger the objective

Example Properties

Edit: Added info about a new property - logic