OnCollision didn't work, and usability feedback

Hi! I tried to get a simple collision event to trigger for testing out Crayta, but it failed.

I’ve added a chair to the scene, made it physical, tied the onCollision to my own ChairCollision:OnCollision() function (and also selected that function in the selector). The script contains the simple self:GetEntity().visible = false type code from a tutorial. Yet when saving everything and hitting F5 and running against the chair, it will kick around as usual, but not become invisible. Help please?

On a usability side note:

  • Really cool and intuitive feel so far! (I’m a Unity etc. dev, and felt right at home.)

  • It would be nice to also be able to add a new script from the script search box for an entity (this is what Unity does when the script name you enter isn’t found).

  • The F5 toggling in and out animations were too long for me for frequent re-testing. Every split second counts during development.

  • I did not find any easy on-screen help to rotate the held object during building; maybe I just missed it, maybe it can be made easier.

  • I would love to have seen some instant examples in the auto-completion help for e.g. PlaySound. Something that shows a full SoundAsset command thingie being passed etc.

  • Copy & pasting from an outside tutorial into the Crayta text editor didn’t work for me, even when I had clicked into it again. It was as if it’s using its own Clipboard. That would be a huge development hurdle, as so much code snippets tend to come from StackOverflow etc.

  • The presented games, like the Floor Is Lava one, didn’t seem very appealing to me; they are the first things I tried out, yet were super hard and caused constant dying. Avoid lava while still learning the ropes of the keyboard usage isn’t ideal, maybe suggest easier things at first to let players get into better flow.

  • The flat editor UI made it difficult to differentiate between selector pick list and text input boxes.

  • self:GetEntity() feels a bit long, maybe you can provide an easier alias in the future (similar to how Unity has gameObject available right-away).

  • Avatar maker felt very intuitive to me. Good job.

Philipp, Anyland