Open template properties in separate windows

Right now we can only edit one template at a time. You can select it, you get the preview of whatever entities are in it, along with the properties on the right side of the screen.

It would be immensely helpful if we could open more than one template at a time for editing, at least for the properties.

At the very least, being able to open a template’s properties while still viewing the world.

My specific use case for this is editing the User template while working in the world, or in another template. The user template can never contain child entities, so the game preview is wasted on it. Usually when I’m working on the User template, it’s because I’m adding metadata that requires the world - For example, I might be adding a quest that requires inputting IDs from objects in the world.

Right now, this process is tedious. You have to keep switching between the user and world tabs to get the information you need and input it.

Being able to pop-out properties in windows would alleviate this tedium.

(On a related note, the same feature for scripts would be appreciated)

This post is inspired by how Gamemaker Studio lays out it’s screens: