Outlaw Game-mode - Problems with shift button, animation, sound and weapon

To the DEVS: - Maybe bug?
Using: PC
Game: Outlaw

  • When a game starts, it says i can hold down SHIFT-button to read more about the gameplay. But it dosent shows up.
  • I cant pick up another weapon.
  • While not having a weapon equpped, i belive i can hit with my fists but there are no animations. Only sound.

Investigating this now, the shift button only works during the intro sequence I believe as it’s used for sprint in-game. Unable to reproduce the other two issues atm but will keep looking!

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Thank you. There was no intro sequence when i tuned in for the first time. I was just trown directly into the game. Did not know what to do, who to kill, how the “sheriff” looked like as well :slight_smile: