Package update: unable to add template

game name: ice fishing
creator: sinjin
package name: warmth

unable to add Warmth Trigger template to Warmth package when trying to update it.
a new package can be made with the template.

game: Yukon Adventure - i was able to reproduce this bug.

  1. made new template of campfire only
  • was able to update package with this template
  • no script was assigned to template
  1. new trigger box as template
  • added script to trigger
  • added ontriggerenter and exit
  • unable to update package with templare
  1. template made of trigger only
  • was able to update package with this template
  • added script or onenter or onexit
  • unable to update package with template
  1. workaround
  • added template of trigger box (and nothing else) and updated package
  • added scripts and onenter/onexit, updated package
  • added campfire mesh, updated package.

Hi sinjin,

Thank you for the detailed bug report.
Unfortunately I am having difficulties reproducing your issue.

When attempting to add the new trigger box to the template and update the package, the only time I was unable to update the package was after I added the onTrigger events but before I assigned the Entities and Scripts to each event. (This caused an error in the Templates)

Is this similar the issue you are experiencing or is there any additional information I could use to reproduce your issue?

i still have the game with this bug. Warmth Trigger template cannot be added to the package to update it.

i had to do a work around as to update the package in a different game. if you want, you can close this and i’ll just delete the package from this game with the error.

I’ll contact our internal team and see if someone can track down the issue with your template/package.

This may help in ensuring you, and other players, no longer encounter issues like this in the future.

sounds good. if someone needs access to the game - it’s either called deep dive or ice fishing. you can’t break it as i’m not using it for anything.

when making a new package with new templates, there isn’t an issue. i’ve seen the file names change to a UID or something with a very long ID type name and then back to the original display name.

this bug, the files don’t change even when they are new (they are actually duplicate scripts/templates for example).

one example was when i attempted to make a unique inventory addon with one file, it wanted to also link all the other inventory files. my work around was to make a new script (not a duplicate of it) to be added to the package.

i’m not sure if this helps. i’ll wait for the update to try and make a better video to duplicate the problem if it still persists. this is becoming like a full time QA job just to document how this bug is seen.