Packager crashes when packaging only 3 scripts

Deleted the video in stadia to free up some space for new recordings…

i have a similar bug with making a package. it seems if i’ve copied or duplicated a template, it retains the links the the old objects when making a package.

i haven’t seen it from creating new assets not attached to any package though. it’s a new one at that point.

my workaround was making a new template and new package - no scripts or whatever attached. updating the package after that with scripts etc one at a time as needed to see if any artifacts from another package were also included for some odd reason.

in the editor, i noticed with this bug like, the scripts / templates for example would not get a new UID and use the old UID for example. note: the scripts or templates may have been part of another package or just duplicated, not a new entity.

it seems some duplicated assets have the same UID. when attempting to package such assets, well that’s a problem as UID are suppose to be unque, not a duplicate.

I’ve only seen the UID briefly when making a package without errors. New assets names will change to the UID and back when the editor makes the package.

other than that, i don’t see a way to see the UID. whomever coded the package manager should be able to sort this out much easier as they have access to logs or data, we don’t have.