Packages - update - unable to remove assets

i’m trying to update a package. it won’t let me remove assets…
the confirm button is greyed out.

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Just wondering here… Has there been any update on this issue?
the original assets were deleted before trying to update it.

other issue. is there a way to delete a package instead of updating it?

in order to update this package, i had to re-install it and delete the assets in the package update dialog windows.

Hello @wulvyrn,

Sorry for the late reply, we are investigating this issue now! It would seem the issue comes from the fact you lack the items in-game that you are trying to remove. (Which is silly)

As for deleting packages, this is not something we currently support (other than through reporting / banning) however I am bugging up the inability to remove a package from public view which should have the same effect?