Patch Notes: 0.e3.63.114111

Patch Notes: 0.e3.63.114111


  • CQ-12847: Fixed a crash caused by setting tool to ‘Paint’ mode in advanced mode, and then switching to basic mode.

  • CQ-12723: Fixed a crash when freeing rendering memory

  • CQ-12254: Fixed a very rare crash when levelling up.

  • CQ-12886: Fixed a rare crash in Create when travelling between Edit and Preview.

  • CQ-12715: Resolved an occasional crash caused by timed out service requests to third party systems.


  • CQ-12864: Fixed green VFX in 1st person when using the Dark Phantasm outfit.

  • CQ-12644: Fixed an issue occasionally causing the player character to be controlled while browsing the nav menu.

  • CQ-12455: Resolved an issue causing voxel textures to sometimes flicker back and forth; may be partial fix.

  • CQ-12736: Resolved an issue causing the camera to clip through the player’s head occasionally in first person mode.


  • CQ-12866: Added new material to improve visuals on magical orbs.

  • CQ-12861: Fixed an issue where Edit hightlight areas could become available in the navigation UI.

  • CQ-12859: Fixed an issue flagged by the community where magical orbs are not visible through glass.

  • CQ-12812: Fixed an issue flagged by the Community where spawning an entity with physics-enabled child in a schedule spawns 2 children.

  • CQ-12710: Added new particle effects: Magic Spell Air, Magic Spell Earth, Magic Spell Fire, Magic Spell Water

  • CQ-12639: Added “Banners” group for all banner creation assets.

  • CQ-12632: Updated Bamboo and Camo Netting transparency.

  • CQ-12299: Fixed an issue occasionally causing camera movement to be interrupted in advanced mode.


  • CQ-12744: Fixed an issue in the navigation menu where clicking on the Play feature button brings the user to the control menu in the help page.

  • CQ-11835: Fixed some issues when hot swapping controllers on the controller page.

  • CQ-12769: Fixed an issue where blueprints and remixes may not show the correct icon in the navigation menu.

  • CQ-12713: Updated Battle Pass screen to render customisation options in front of UI decorations.

  • CQ-12671: Resolved an issue occasionally causing not all customisation options to be available during initial character setup.


  • CQ-12792: Fixed an issue where the player drone could become permanently visible after dying from a fall.

  • CQ-12764: Fixed an issue where the wings of the Cosmia outfit aren’t visible on the thumbnail.

  • CQ-12731: Fixed an issue causing particle effects to occasionally be oversized in preview in the nav menu.

  • CQ-12722: Resolved an issue causing Dark Phantasm’s inner glow to persist through the nav menu.

  • CQ-12572: Fixed some issues with outfit dynamics on some new outfits (Valor, Folklore, Mountebank, Dark Phantasm) within the navigation menu.

  • CQ-12765: Updated cosmetics to improve their appearance: Dark Phantasm outfit, Tuck hair style, My Pretty pose, Backfire spawn effect, Genus drone trail, Sprite outfit, Red outfit, Valor outfit, Firefly drone, Cosmia outfit.