Patch Notes 12th May 2021 - Experimental

Crayta Experimental: Patch Notes 12th May 2021

Major Changes:

  • Network improvements: We’ve made some fundamental changes to the way our network traffic works, that will hopefully reduce a large number of crashes. One of the main tests is to therefore ensure that the games and hub all work well under load.

  • Latency improvements: We’ve also made a large number of improvements to latency within Crayta. This should mean cameras, animations, moving platforms, falling/bouncing should all feel tons better to the players. Again this all needs checking out. It’s expected that motion sickness will have been reduced by these changes too.

  • Dynamic Camera: The POV Camera of the Player has been improved. Players should see a dynamic zoom when sprinting and sliding to give a more dynamic performance in-game.

  • Packages now have Creator Names!

Bug fixes:

|CQ-10012|All camera transitions are now ease in-out|
|CQ-9991|Crouch animation now starts smoothly|
|CQ-9828|Can now change Voice Channel with Controllers on Navigation Menu|
|CQ-9812|Fixed issue with Character Model Duplicates, Overlaps or Disappears when quickly moving between tabs on Navigation Menu|
|CQ-9804|Fixed a Server crash - simulating the parent of an entity that’s already simulated|
|CQ-9765|Fixed a Crash where Duplicate Entity Id when spamming Simulate|
|CQ-9735|Fixed an issue where Scrolling Does Not Work Correctly on PC Settings|
|CQ-9728|Fixed an issue where Fireworks effect was playing a short delay after triggering|
|CQ-9711|Fixed Overlapping UIs|
|CQ-9678|Fixed a Crash - Unhandled exception when attempting to download the “Basic Combat Guns” community package|
|CQ-9677|FIxed a Crash when Attempting to Place a Voxel in Edit Mode|
|CQ-9676|Fixed a Crash that happened When Attempting To Change Games|
|CQ-9639|Fixed issue where setting widget preview aspect ratio to 1:1 prevents you from changing it again|
|CQ-9620|Stopped the Server Crashing when a User Simulates All Multiple Times|
|CQ-9612|Fixed a Server Crash when Pressing Simulate All Three Times With Large Amount Of Entities Results In Server Going Missing|
|CQ-9546|You can now Publish your Game While In Edit Session For Game|
|CQ-9544|Invisible title bar area no longer inhibits access to the editor toolbar|
|CQ-9527|Navigation Menu - Accessibility - Language Settings now Immediately Update Upon Changing Language|
|CQ-9526|Editor Tool Buttons Easier To Click / Responsive In Advanced Edit Mode|
|CQ-9494|Improved collision meshes on trees|
|CQ-9491|Share Link Description Fits On The Screen Better|
|CQ-9486|Removed ‘Make Unique’ button from scripts/widgets that are on templates|
|CQ-9442|Copy Pasting Ascii Art Into A Script No Longer Causes Server Crash|
|CQ-9338|Fixed an issue where Extracting a voxel mesh inside a template removes it from the template and places it in the world|
|CQ-9304|Fixed issue where can’t mantle when a trigger box is above your player|
|CQ-9185|Fixed User seeing “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)”|
|CQ-9004|Fixed issue where Pasting vector properties only applies it to the entity position, not the property you clicked on|
|CQ-8947|Fixed Friends list failing to load player-cards|
|CQ-8933|Stopped the Default player icon flickering each time a player spawns|
|CQ-8827|Improved/Reduced Collision of Cactus (with flowers)|
|CQ-8697|Fixed the Unclear button when setting output scale|
|CQ-8629|Fixed issue with Emotes where Guns don’t disappear during|
|CQ-8600|Fixed Spawn issue when Male spawns animations are being retargeted to the female bone positions then blending out.|
|CQ-8392|Stop Volume select deselecting in Editor|
|CQ-8204|Creator names now appear on packages|
|CQ-7788|Irmpoved issue with the World.FindScript being quite slow|
|CQ-6977|Fixed issue on PC where the Tags Search Button is Hidden in Multiple Resolution Scales|