Patch Notes: Crayta 0.1.71003

Hype, our first client patch is out!

Highlights are here:


  • Achievement Getting Creative now increments correctly
  • Characters who are AFK or in menus play the drone/cuff animation (no more creepy people standing around the Hub!)
  • Cursor mode (using alt) now only triggers if the console is onscreen
  • Crayta language now matches Stadia language on first boot
  • Outfit XP is now earned by all Outfits in a Collection (not just the 1st one)
  • Swapping Left/Right analogue stick no longer inverts their controls
  • Social actions are now rebindable
  • Players can now type curly braces regardless of their keyboard layout
  • Player nameplates no longer erroneously say “userDynamic”
  • Player weapons no longer appear at feet sometimes
  • Other misc bug fixes and crash fixes


  • Players in Create now have nameplates
  • Packages no longer become undeletable after you’ve removed a few
  • Moving the pivot point on a mesh no longer causes it to move when rotated
  • Entities can now be renamed with a different case (eg foo can now be renamed to Foo)


  • Better messaging when trying to joining games with a larger group than the game supports, or when joining a friend on a full server
  • “Hours Spent Playing” Stadia player stat is now more accurate
  • Prop Hunt now has nameplates in the lobby

Known Issues

  • Pressing alt to bring up the cursor in preview only works when entering from basic mode (ie if you enter preview from advanced, alt will not bring up the cursor) - fixed in
  • Some players may find that they need to toggle Y axis inversion to behave as it did prior to this patch - fixed in
  • Outfit XP is still broken in some cases - due to be fixed with next release

Yes !
Congrats for this smooth update.
“Players can now type curly braces regardless of their keyboard layout” :heart_eyes:


Awesome, some of my found bugs were fixed! :slight_smile:

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