Patch Notes: Crayta 0.152.74316

This was our first feature release (previous patches have been bugs with occasional quality of life fixes), so there’s plenty of new stuff to explore. We made a highlights video, or if you prefer text then scroll down a bit (or see our Trello board)!

New Features

  • Quick chat - now if you don’t have a mic you can still communicate with other players
  • Creators can disable player to player collision, so no more getting stuck in narrow corridors
  • Global leaderboards are available now so players can compete asynchronously with one another

Quality of Life Fixes

  • Players can now interact with their current game from the navigation menu (including seeing its details and providing rating feedback)
  • Gizmo axes have been made more intuitive
  • Creators can delete their games after having archived them
  • Players can now search games based on tags
  • General improvements to movement feel and animations
  • Improved default keyboard bindings


  • Addition of Tycoon starter game
  • Additional content for our Sci-Fi Colonies season has been added, and will be released to players soon
  • Unreal Engine update
  • Coherent Gameface update
  • More Outfit XP unlock fixes
  • Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes

Breaking Changes

  • Voxel meshes that have physicsEnabled=false will now trigger trigger box entities, this is now consistent with other mesh entities