Patch Notes: Crayta 0.221.79990

Roll up, roll up! The Dark Circus is in town!

Along with some spooky new creation assets (voxels, meshes, sound effects, music, and colour grading options) and cosmetics, there are some feature updates and bug fixes:

  • The levelling system has been changed to a system of daily rewards to ensure a more consistent experience of unlocking cosmetics (and prevent people from feeling like they need to play 24/7!)
  • Achievement names and descriptions have been updated to reflect that change
  • Creators can now add UGC Challenges to their games which give players customised game cosmetics (Rewardicons) - examples have been added to Prop Hunt, Tumbleweed Ridge, and the starter games so you can see how they work!
  • Additional controller customisation support has been added (ie deadzone and acceleration settings)
  • Global leaderboards can now be configured to reset (daily, weekly, etc.) by creators
  • The Play page has been restructured to provide more game information at a glance (including global leaderboards)
  • Emotes now preview in the Customization menu (:tada:)
  • TV scaling options are now presented to first-time players
  • Crash fixes and other small quality of life improvements

I can´t wait to play new games with these amazing meshes!

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